RFID Pallet Poka Yoke

May 2, 2012

RFID Poka Yoke Error Proofing

Following extensive R & D, in plant engineering, and testing the RFID Poka Yoke Pallet Error Proofing Service is now available.   As the foundation for the LPC Lot/Material Tracking System functionality the RFID Poka Yoke system is supported by Intermec's suite of Industrial RFID products.  The RFID Poka Yoke supports data collection from in process PLC's  and alerts to production abnormalities through Padre's web based systems.   Real time alerts and ongoing tracking is provided by Padre's DRG Report Generator.

RFID Poka Yoke Featured Product - Intermec IT75 Metal Tag

Intermec IT75 Metal Tag
Metal rolls

Nov 30, 2022

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